Herbal Formula plays important role in the Chinese medicine(Herbalist doctor),follow the compatibility principle”Xing wei gui jing,Jun chen zuo shi”,means “the relationship between herbal taste and meridian and viscera,secondary herbal minister help the king”. take two or more herb kinds to mix, treating the disease.


We,Xian Pincredit aims of researching for Chinese herbal and supplying effective herbal extracted products,bring the good news and health to the worldwide people.

Our researcher contains some R&D engineer and consultants,match the king herb,minister herb with adjuvant,guidance herb,research many years and got perfect herbal formula,then mix the herb material and extract them and to be mixture powder.




The issue of herbal formula:1,Impotence kidney, Sex enhancement.

our sex herb formula can strengthen sex ability and Improved sperm quality. the herb list are Cynomorium songaricum extract,Epimedium extract,Semen cuscutae extract etc.

2,Treating liver disease,have good effect on terrible Hepatitis B.

the hepatitis will be more and more and terrible,the medicine has bad and side-effects as we know,especially no obvious effect and long long time.now our herbal formula treated thousands of patients well and got World and Chinese patents.contains Salvia miltiorrhiza extract,astragalus, rhubarb and dandelion root extract.

3, Herbal formula for heat.


Invitation to American College Of Clinical Pharmacology To R&D Engineer In Philadelphia

Inventor: R&D Engineer


Patent certificate number ZL 96 1 01552.7

Project: Heat and pathogen with herbal formula


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