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Cherry Juice Powder / Cherry Fruit Juice

Cherry Juice Powder / Cherry Fruit Juice
Fruit & Vegetable Powder


Active Ingredient:


Sieve Analysis:

100% through 80 mesh

Test Method:


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Cherry Juice Powder / Cherry Fruit Juice is a high nutritional value of tropical fruit, rich in vitamin C, juice can be up to 1500 content of Vc-4600 mg / 100 g, for the same quality lemon/orange 50-100 times, is the present plantation in all the fruit of the highest content of Vc, and vitamin A, B clan, iron, calcium, good source of sugar. Vitamin C is biological oxidation and other metabolic process necessary material, can be used as the free radical scavenging agents.

Latin Name: Malpighia glabra L

Part Used: Fruit

Appearance: Pink-red fine powder

Ratio: 4:1~20:1

Water Solubility: Good

Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction

Grade: Phamaceutical and Food


Benefits of Cherry Juice

Used as a nutritive,for it contain vitamins A, B1, B2, E, P, nicotinic acid, anti-aging factor (SOD), calcium, iron, zinc, potassium and protein.

Can also be found in hair care and cosmetics.

Prevent oxidation and damage

Resist foreign invasion of harmful substances and has anti-aging effect.


Application Field:

Functional food, drinks, health care products and pharmaceuticals.


Product Show:

Cherry Powder Bowl with ripe cherries.

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