Bitter Melon Can Help Lose Weight

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In summer, the most concern problem for beauty lady is how to lose weight. Now, losing weight has become a trend, but it is not easy for most people, therefore, many people ask whether bitter melon can help to lose weight or not? How about the effect?

There never lack of all kinds of weight loss products and weight loss method in the field of weight loss market. On the market, now there’s a slimming product are selling – charantin diet pills. Does this pill really helpful to weight losing? Where the weight loss principle come from? And how about the effect?

As we all know that bitter melon can help to lose weight, actually the real reason of bitter melon can lose weight because of it contains a substance called “charantin”. A piece of bitter melon contains 0.4% of charantin in average, so the value in such few charantin can be compared with gold.

Bitter melon is acting on the important parts of absorbing fats in the body – small intestine, by changing the mesh of intestinal cells, prevent high quantity of heat absorption, such as fat, polysaccharide macromolecular substances etc., to accelerate the absorption of small molecule nutrition in the body, not involved in human metabolism, and no any side effects.

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