Amazing Inonotus Obliquus – Chaga Mushroom

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Inonotus Obliquus is known as Chaga Mushroom, is a kind of extremely hardy medicinal fungi grows in birch. Hyphae grows normally in 40 ℃ below zero. It grows in tree roots of rotting wood where is high humidity, dark. It sucks the essence of birch, makes trees die.The shape of inonotus obliquus is similar to carbon, approximately 7-36cm in diameter, has the irregular trench on appearance, internal is rust yellow, sessile, has deep crack on the surface, very hard.

The wild inonotus obliquus become less and less because of people’s frequently picking. A Institute of Microbiology has an artificial cultivation research, found that the cultivation mode of inonotus obliquus has no much difference with conventional mushroom fungus. After inoculate, put it in a cultivated room with 28 ℃ for shading and cultivating. When hyphae is full of bags, move to natural scattering light for mushroom cultivation.

Artificial cultivated inonotus obliquus’ growth time is short, culture substrate is different, the content of active material is also different. Therefore, the main research target is to screen the culture substrate that can produce highly active substance. With the development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of the cultivation techniques, this amazing gift from God has been popular in ordinary’s home.

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