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Acai Berry Extract

Acai Berry Extract
Fruit & Vegetable Powder


Active Ingredient:

Anthocyanin, vitamin C etc

Sieve Analysis:

100% though 80 mesh

Test Method:


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Acai Berry Extract is harvested from the Brazilian rain-forest and has been used for thousands of years by the natives of Brazil. The Brazilian natives believe the Acai berry to have amazing healing and nutritional properties. The nutritional content of Acai is truly amazing, but what really sets Acai apart from the berry/fruit products is the antioxidant content. Studies show that Acai has up to 33 times the antioxidant content as red wine grapes. When compared to wolfberry, noni and mangosteen juice products, Acai is 6X more powerful in terms of antioxidant content. No other berry or fruit product can come close to matching the nutritional and antioxidant content of Acai.

Latin Name: Euterpe Oleracea L.

Part Used: Fruit

Active Ingredients: Anthocyanin, flavone, polyphenol, vitamin C

Appearance: Light Purplish Powder

Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction

Specification: 5:1, 10:1, 20:1

Grade: Phamaceutical and Food


Functions or Efficacy

Powerful antioxidant

Weigh loss

Greater Energy and Stamina

Improved Digestion

Better Quality Sleep

High Protein Value, High Level of Fiber

Rich Omega Content for Your Heart

Boosts Your Immune System

Essential Amino Acid Complex

Helps Normalize Cholesterol Levels

Acai Berries Have 33 Times the Antioxidant Power of Red Grapes and Red Wine



As pharmaceutical raw materials for clearing heat, anti-inflammation, detumescence and so on, it is mainly used in pharmaceutical field;

As products effective ingredients for improving blood circulation and soothing the nerves, it is mainly used in health product industry;

As active ingredients of Skin Care Products, it is mainly used in cosmetic industry.

Nowdays, Acai Berry Extract is widely added in Coffee or made acai berry capsule for lose weight and keep slim.


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