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Color Dark brown for 30% Puerarin, Off-white for 60%,  White powder for 98%.


Material Sources

Kudzu root extract, also called pueraria extract or kudzuvine root extract,Chinese name Ge-gen.Most of China is grown, especially in Liaoning, Hebei, Guizhou, Shaanxi.chopped into thick pieces while used as medicine.It appears to be white or brown, fibroid, rough and harvest in spring or autumn.

We response the hot policy “one item one country” and help the local farmers to be richer.Our company Pincredit set great relationship to collect the wild root and dried and purchase on time.Our hometown  have advantage of the higher content,usually the tested data is more than 5%,thus keeping lowest cost and best price for Puerarin 30%, 60%,  98%.

Once Our lab take the wild dried root and test and got perfect data. then go to local place and purchase on Dec,can be taken 200tons to warehouse. also keep yearly purchase.




Production & Flow Chart Collecting dry pueraria, cutting into slices, adding 10 times amount of alcohol to extract for 3 times, 3 hours, 2 hours, 2 hours respectively. Filtering and emerge the extracting solution, concentrating the solution. Extracting the solution through macroporous resin, concentrating and refining, the process of puerarin will be completed.

Our advantage of the pueraria is the perfect material dried chai ge root,the local base which own higher puerarin and pueraria flavonoids,also We own 8years experience for the extraction and purification,mature process to get puerarin 80%,98% and 30% flavonoids.

Function & Application Kudzu root extract is made of capsule, granulating.function of dilating blood vessels and Tong mai.

1. Applied in food field, used in foods and health products,to lower blood pressure and blood-fat.

2. Applied in pharmaceutical field,As a kind of Chinese medicine injection,  and used in clinical treatment of coronary heart disease and coronary heart disease, diabetes and other diseases, good effect blood circulation and stasis.

Test And Analysis  Puerarin test method and data


Packing & Shipping Package: 25kg/drum,double plastic bag inside. pallet if more than 100KG.

Delivery Time:Within 1-6 working days

Storage:Stored in a clean, cool, dry area.

Shelf Life:36months when properly stored.

Cooperation Case We cooperated with many cooperation and be made of capsule, granulating.we set relationship with Jilin ** pharmacy for many years,300kg puerarin 99% every two month,also together with our salvia miltiorrhiza extract to make granulating, their brand “Tong Mai Ke Li” passed GMP and more than billion sold every year.